Pursuit Safety Inc. values its relationship with its customers and vendors alike. Being a Master Whelen Distributor and holding factory certifications in several product lines allows us to offer our customers the best value and quality in products and installation services.
Listed below are a few of the products we are factory certified in.

Panasonic Camera Systems • Mobile Vision Camera Systems • Rocket Communication Services • Coban • Gamber Johnson• Digital Patroller • Watchguard

Pursuit Safety Inc.

Welcome to Pursuit Safety, Inc.

We specialize in emergency vehicle equipment, installation and after market support. We have been in business since 1998, with 10 (ten) installation/service bays located on a 5 acre facility in Royse City Texas. (just east of Dallas)

Pursuit Safety is an authorized Whelen Master Distributor and we carry the most common equipment in stock, ready for immediate delivery. We can provide you the parts or do a complete install on your vehicle for you.
We also remove existing equipment and transfer to a new unit.

Need a new vehicle?

We work directly with you and the Vehicle Dealer on choosing the right vehicle and equipment in one convenient package.

There are a lot of internet dealers out there selling just parts, but will they be able to give you the professional advice you need when it comes to “what works with what”?

Let the Professionals at Pursuit Safety help you get it right the first time.

We install the same equipment we sell everyday!

Do you have a unit out of service and in need of repair?

We provide service while you wait.

Pursuit Safety installs and maintains equipment in law enforcement and emergency vehicles. We specialize in installation and maintenance for squad, patrol cars, motorcycles, ambulances, fire trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles (SUV’s), pick-ups and specialty trailers.

Our emphasis is on superior product quality, installation and officer safety.

Letter to Our Customers

Pursuit Safety Inc. continuously evaluates what we can do to better improve and increase the quality and level of our products and services.
If your vehicle or fleet was built under the Pursuit Safety Inc. name you can be assured of top of the line build quality and attention.
If you purchased a vehicle from a dealership that we serviced you received the same quality and care we show our customers direct.

We are always available for future builds and will continue to back our build quality on all units produced by our top quality build team.
We look forward to any future builds your department may choose Pursuit Safety Inc. for.

If you have a question as to the builder behind any vehicle in your fleet not directly built by Pursuit Safety inc. your dealer should have that information on hand.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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